Lost in the galaxy world of Samsung

I remember it was merely a year ago when the mention of Samsung and their Galaxy line of smartphones (or phablets some referred to it) would bring excitement to everyone. A year has since passed and it appears to me that everyone seems to have dumped Samsung phones and news of any Galaxy product release has been muted.

Samsung launched the Galaxy SIV with huge fanfare and mindblowing marketing budget but simply to report disappointing sales few months later. And now the Galaxy Note III is launched and yet I barely come across any blogger referring to it.

Well, I am not really a Samsung loyalist but I have been hearing a great deal of great stuffs about the Note 2. I badly wanted to get the Note II a year back but because my contract wasn’t up for renewal then, I was forced to put it on hold. As a consolation, I told myself that if Note 2 is really good, there’ll always be Note 3 which (theoretically) should be an improvement and more exciting. Since my contract is nearly up and time for decision making, I discovered Note 3 to be significantly more than a little disappointment. Almost no one really wants to speak about it and there can only be one reason behind that and it is none other than lousy product. I am struggling to change my view as I have been seeing so lots of my friends using Note 2 and they’re all happy about it which makes me believe this phablet has become the only best alternative to iPhone.

galaxy note 2 - 10
I’m stuck now and can anyone tell me what to go for? Should I adhere to my original plan still and continue with Note III? Or must I think about other options?

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