Apple Inc: Craziest and most uncommon facts

It was the year 2011 when Steve Jobs, one of the very legendary leader and innovator of our time, had passed away. Nonetheless his legacy still lives with Apple becoming the world’s most high-priced company in the year 2014, on many years later. Even years after his passing, Apple remains the same secretive firm it has constantly been. There are lots of fascinating facts which you probably have not heard of unless an Apple fanatic are you. Let’s analyze a number of the very fascinating truth about Apple Inc. You’ll be surprised at just how successful the business is in amounts and also get a sneak peek into Apple products such as iPod and the iPhone are made.


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No other firm surpasses in being close Apple Inc, with their secrecy being exceptional and celebrated across the world. You wouldn’t believe it that apart from Steve Jobs and his tiny team of engineers, nobody else had ever seen what an iPhone looked like before its first launch to the marketplace in 2007. While such secrecy is extraordinary, it is of how they had managed to do it unimaginable. It’s said that Apple frequently comes up with fake projects just to test their workers’ dependability. They are going to be fired instantly when an employee is assigned such endeavors and advice gets leaked out.

After revolutionizing the music business, another revolution was made by Apple in the cell phone industry. The speed at which Apple is adding its cashpile is really fascinating. By the year 2014, Apple had $160 billion in cash accessible. Microsoft only had $85 billion while the US Treasury only had $49 billion in the first quarter of 2014, to put this number in context. To further exemplify the scale of this cash pile, it is sufficient to buy every individual in the US an iPod and there’s going to be money. This cash reserve would get Apple Inc among the 50 largest markets if it were a state.

The amount of iPhone sold every day is actually beyond belief. A staggering 40 million iPhones are sold every quarter. This would mean that close to 400,000 iPhones are being sold by performing some easy maths. This amount is more than the global childbirth rate. Merely for your knowledge, the current global birth rate is about 300,000 per day. As a matter of fact, their 2014 report signified the amount of new iPhones being created per day to be over 500,000 which in terms of statistics no other manufacturer comes close to what they’ve accomplished.

When Apple is starting a new product, it’s a big occasion that the whole world takes note of. No other company may also come close to what they have accomplished in the past several years. You will locate a huge number of Apple followers waiting on the day of their yearly launch of a brand new iPhone outside Apple shops, all waiting to be the first of many to buy the latest iPhone available on the industry. There hasn’t been another episode of supporters lining up for hundreds of hours on the launch day and this only happens for Apple. In 2014, the headline was made by a Japanese guy by queueing for the iPhone 6 even before the product was announced.

Apple might have lost its best founder nevertheless they nevertheless continue to amaze the critics and pundits by surpassing expectations. As a company and as a brand, they continue to shatter beliefs of what’s possible. Apple carries on, flying higher than any person would ever have envisioned. Steve Jobs’ departure in 2011 left a huge shoes for Tim cook . A lot of folks believe that Apple’s ‘best days’ are over Tim Cook and his group has by now revealed that the business’s growth can be kept up by them at least for now. Although we know that everything is bound to come to a finish. One thing for sure is that Apple will be a brand to keep an eye on for the next few years and many are already expecting whether their new iWatch is going to make it huge or not.

How I ended up with the Disruptive Tech & Innovation

A famous saying tells us that the only thing constant in this world is change. There’s great truth in this quotation, particularly where technology is concerned as well as the disruptive impact it has had on our everyday lives. There are a large number of examples of such firms/technologies, but here I’ve compiled some of the firms which have had an impact far more powerful in relation to the others. All the technological inventions I have recorded below have altered how I do things by a good deal. While some of the of these innovations have caused increased productivity, others have enabled me to accomplish things that I formerly thought couldn’t be done. Let’s go through these innovations that are incredible and ‘s hope you appreciate reading the compilation.

Apple Pay is among the latest payment technologies that lead one to expect a complete transformation in how we use our money to purchase things. For numerous years now, I’ve consistently picked I got a chance to go cashless. Credit card has ever been my primary selection of payment manner and also the arrival of Apple Pay is set to make charge card use even more easy. Since I started using Apple Pay, and I was one of its earliest adopters, I haven’t discovered or thought of any other service that could not be worse than this. The main difference may seem minor but you wish every merchant will begin accepting Apple Pay soon, once you have started using it.

To many people, sharing files over the Internet has always been a big challenge. The syncing of bigger files between many computers has always been a pain in the neck for the majority people, though e-mail may have no major issues with managing a few MBs of attachments now. Afterward Dropbox appeared. It entirely altered the way it revolutionize the way many small-scale businesses work and we organize our files. Most amazingly, Dropbox has interrupted the whole online storage company and bring the expense of storage down to nearly non-existent for the vast majority of us. There are several other businesses like Carton, Google and Microsoft who can arrange and store files but I favor Dropbox for its user-friendliness.

With Twitter’s introduction, of microblogging quickly, the concept took off and disrupted the function of various companies. Those who use this website range from regular people to those involved in entertainment, politics and news channels. Should you ask any Twitter user, they’ll let you know just how much of an impact this site has had on their lives. In the political revolution that took place in Egypt, Twitter played a crucial role in 2011. Another famous event linked to Twitter would be the “multibillion-dollar tweet” posted by a billionaire investor in 2013. In the year 2014, Twitter was flooded with over half a million tweets specifically devoted to the FIFA World Cup. Twitter continues to redefine the various things in our life which include news journalism and political activism.

We can recognize Amazon as the company, which revolutionized the e book industry. In recent years, the company has cemented its position as the online retail king. While online retail business is growing, it appears that Amazon has set its view far into the future. The major bottleneck from growing even faster that is restricting online shopping is the last mile delivery, based on visionary Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s leader. From the current 1-2 days of average delivery time, Amazon has grand plans. Using unmanned aircraft or delivery drone is seen as the sole effective method to solve this problem. I wonder if so we’re stepping into some really interesting future, if delivery drones can really be realized.


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I need to be honest, I am not exactly the most technology savvy person you will meet, but I love keeping up with the constant changes encompassing technology as much as I can merely to stay contemporary. Many new technologies are being innovated. I am sure the train of innovation isn’t going to halt here. There’ll constantly be disruptive innovations and more industries being revolutionized. If you have some remarks or some exciting technologies to share, do feel free to lose your opinion below.

The lazy reader’s guide pertaining to the Weirdest Places in the World

The planet is full of numerous fascinating in which some merely have no rational explanation to their origin and ending. There are numerous odd locations on the planet though the strangest of will definitely leave you gasping. For someone like me who loves traveling and hunting for things out of the ordinary, I believed it’d be fine to be put together a listing of a number of the strangest places to see. I have never been to a huge number of them though I have added them to my list and I’ll without a doubt see them in case I get an opportunity. So, I believed that I should also share them with you and I am hoping you are going to enjoy.


varosha - 2

Each one of us long to retire eventually in our life. The thought of perfect retirement differs between people though there is one retirement town that hit the news recently. The Villages is said to be one of the greatest retirement community in the world. With its place in a place like Florida, this town would seem to many like an idyllic retirement home. The reality is far from The Villages and ideal was lately thrusted into the limelight due to the variety of scandals and sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which has been reported. The large number of country clubs, golf courses, pubs and eateries in the region may seem to be a place that is perfect though not when outrages and outside sex are widespread.

Living in the times of modern science and technology, comparatively few individuals believe in superstition and conversing with the deceased. Lily Dale has to be the eeriest place in the world. Incorporated back in 1879, Lily Dale is a place that is assembled with the purpose of improving spiritualism. But if the thought of speaking to the unseen or undetectable does not frighten you and you are looking for something to fill your soul that is beyond stuff worth, this might be the ideal place for you. Induction classes are conducted all-year round with the likes of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra being some of the very notable guest lecturers there.

Located south of Tokyo is a town called Miyake-jima island and it truly is one of the strangest place on earth because everyone who’s living in this city might have to carry a gas mask. This is brought about by the fact that the town is around Mt Oyama that is known to have one of the most deadly volcano. A public crisis system is constantly on standby to caution inhabitants of any rise in gas that is poisonous. I always wonder why these people still decide to go back to place their lives at such hazard. Perhaps we people are wired in certain methods that we cannot fully comprehend, or so I guess.

Varosha is a city in Cyprus that has become a ghost town. What was once the most famous tourist destination in Cyprus has now become a shadow of its former glory. After the Turkish invasion of 1974 which drove all residents away from town, it hasn’t been inhabited again. Post-invasion, the city was left deserted in its precise form as before the invasion happened. From afar, it looks entirely the same like the bustling city except no one lives there anymore, it was in 1974. Thinking about walking into this uninhabited town merely rouses a thrilling freakish feeling.

This is simply a minor record of the most peculiar places existing on this particular planet. While these places are all reachable, they’re past the imagination of many and finding their existence may merely open your head to an alternate perspective of our planet and creative societies can get. I still cherish the idea of seeing with some of them one day, although they sound a bit frightening even for me. A picture may say a thousand words but I’m sure experience and the feeling is some thing that you may just get when you step your feet on these position. More odd positions will be found, that’s for sure consequently I shall try to keep updating this list.

Few things to know pertaining to Wireless Myths & Facts

With the advancements in technology, the day we live in a fully wireless world is not as far as we may believe. We are at the beginning of a new age, the age referred to as ‘The Internet of Things’ by many, where the usage of technology is prevalent far and wide. All the wirelessly inter-connected devices are certainly advantageous to our own lives to how we control the numerous tools we use each day, and they definitely bring convenience. Wireless connectivity of devices have made it impossible to live without ‘s, but there are lots of myths and beliefs about these devices that I’d like to look into and help others determine what to consider, and what not.

Wireless devices emit electromagnetic waves which can’t be avoided unless you live in an extremely remote place with no such technology. Wi Fi technology is some thing that is found in virtually every home these days. As suitable and helpful wireless technology is in our everyday lives, there is also controversy surrounding it with regard to the ill- effects it could have on our health. Lots of studies are carried out with concerns being raised by some about the carciogenic effect of these wireless transmission. There is no significant evidence to prove that such wireless technology can influence our health in a negative way, but the studies and research viewing this continues. All the gossips have certainly made me paranoid about it, though I love my wireless gadgets and find it near impossible to do with the. But now, I’ve tried to make it a custom to keep the devices away from me when I’m not using them.


file sharing - 2

In a just a matter of few years, most of us have now changed to using smartphone. We’ve also seen how today, having a cell is a necessity. But there is one thing that all guys need to be aware of. Some individuals suggested that mobile phone can cause infertility among males. The logic behind these claims is rather straightforward. When put close to the pant pockets, the sperms will be exposed to the radiation emitted from the phone and it might weaken or kill them. Now, while it is a fact that prevention is much better than cure, I’m not fully convinced of this theory and believe it is a myth.

An increasing amount of people have begun to get the wireless connections as dependable thanks to the prevalent utilization of wireless connections in the recent times, as the wired ones. It depends on how you look at the issue and it’ll ascertain whether it turns out to be a true of false assumption. I consider that a lot of folks will be unable to tell the difference when they’re connected by means of a cable or wirelessly if we speak just from the view of speed alone. As far as physical connections are concerned, they always have a chance that something may get damaged or go wrong. This really is when you realize that troubleshooting wireless connection can indeed be multiple times less easy than troubleshooting wired connection problems.

The utilization of wired technology is nearing its end, this is what some folks have started to predict. It appears to make plenty of sense, particularly now that most new devices are largely wireless in some form or another. But if you consider it I believe such doomsday prediction is nowhere close. For example, ‘s are now able of streaming audio wirelessly, thanks to Bluetooth and other similar tech’s usage. But even if those devices has rechargeable batteries in them, in the end they still require the utilization of a cable to recharge their batteries, they still wanted wires in some form. There are hundreds of reliability problems that will need to be addressed before a total wire replacement arrives on the scene. And therefore, I personally do not find such a replacement likely in the foreseeable future.

It is true that wireless technology is altering the way we socialize and carry out our day-to-day activities. It is intriguing to discover how some people have wireless technology that is absolutely misunderstood. Everything mentioned above is just my private view although I really don’t understand what the truth is, but I find wireless technology really fascinating. My hope is that from this easy discussion, you’re definitely going to be able to distinguish misconceptions and myths about wireless technology from facts. I may be wrong in some things, I’m not a specialist in wireless after all, so if you have any opinions or questions please feel free to comment away.

Lost in the galaxy world of Samsung

I remember it was merely a year ago when the mention of Samsung and their Galaxy line of smartphones (or phablets some referred to it) would bring excitement to everyone. A year has since passed and it appears to me that everyone seems to have dumped Samsung phones and news of any Galaxy product release has been muted.

Samsung launched the Galaxy SIV with huge fanfare and mindblowing marketing budget but simply to report disappointing sales few months later. And now the Galaxy Note III is launched and yet I barely come across any blogger referring to it.

Well, I am not really a Samsung loyalist but I have been hearing a great deal of great stuffs about the Note 2. I badly wanted to get the Note II a year back but because my contract wasn’t up for renewal then, I was forced to put it on hold. As a consolation, I told myself that if Note 2 is really good, there’ll always be Note 3 which (theoretically) should be an improvement and more exciting. Since my contract is nearly up and time for decision making, I discovered Note 3 to be significantly more than a little disappointment. Almost no one really wants to speak about it and there can only be one reason behind that and it is none other than lousy product. I am struggling to change my view as I have been seeing so lots of my friends using Note 2 and they’re all happy about it which makes me believe this phablet has become the only best alternative to iPhone.

galaxy note 2 - 10
I’m stuck now and can anyone tell me what to go for? Should I adhere to my original plan still and continue with Note III? Or must I think about other options?

If you are faced with budget constraint, here is what you’ve got to understand when purchasing bean bag

Bean Bag is possibly among the more under-rated pieces of pleasure furniture that an individual may invest in. Bean bag selection goes beyond more than simply a piece of furniture assortment but one that will have an effect on the life style that you’re likely to appreciate. To most folks, the thought of furnitture can-not be much from either wood or metal and everything else is considered secondary. While that’s accurate for most furniture, beanbag might be the rare exception which can present you with both enjoyable and functionality with little compromise and one that every person in your family will likely to love. If you have uncertainty about the actual utility of bean beag, here are few possible use cases to give you some notion.

A movie marathon experience can be considerably enriched with using bean bag chairs. The pleasure and enjoyment that you get from watching great trilogy like Lord of the Rings can often be endangered by uncomfortable sitting posture. That is when bean bag chairs would come in and many who purchased it for few hour-long film marathon would concur that there is no way a standard sofa can match the comfort a bean bag chair can provide. You’ll be able to throw your self into it and it’s going to simply grab your body and settle into comfortable posture which is a thing that you can’t get with the standard seat and couch you find in the shop.


Among the largest group of beanbag enthusiasts is one of the kids. You can see on your own the adrenaline-like response from children at the sight of bean-bag couch and I will bet with you that they will require little hesitation to leap in to it. A lot of kids are in fact the largest influencer in regards to bean bag purchase decision. The versatility with beanbag chairs enable kids to transform it in to different designs as they like it. This single characteristic of bean bag makes it a hit with youngsters particularly given the interesting nature of kids who tend to easily get bored with just one thing. As parents, you do not need to worry that your children will suffer with tumble and bumps because there’s simply no sharp edges to start with.

One of the less recognized but to me is the coolest bean bag use is as a float in the swimming pool. I get a surprise reaction every time I mentioned this to a friend. But it really is true that as it pertains to the pool place, bean bag can actually make among the greatest piece of furniture. All you need to do is set up a number of bean bag chairs or a large bean bag sofa and you will have waterproof furniture that you just do not mind getting a little wet or sloppy. That is the great thing about these pieces of furniture, you do not have to spend an insane amount of time or worry in regards to their maintenance and care. The idea of discovering your-self going swimming the pool as you bask your self under the sun is undoubtedly appealing and if you own your private pool, it is something that you can try.

What you’ve only seen are simply small chances of what you can use a bean bag for. No other variety of furniture gives the kind of flexibility and comfort that a a bean bag offers and it’s your decision to imagine how you desire to put it to use. Increasingly frequent are bean beags that are easily made but these aren’t as great compared to ones which were customized entirely according to your own liking and preference. It is increasingly more difficult to find bean bag makers who are willing to let you customize which will be understood since any business plan that relates to personalization can’t be mass produced. Consider yourself blessed if you can such vendor which means which you can probably choose shape, fabric and pattern which is best to your liking.

unique brooches buying guide: The way to pick a clip on ear rings

No man-angry product will continue forever but man-made jewelry is one exception where you can expect its worth not to come down but improve with time. But jewelry itself is a term that’s so extensively and so widely used abused in many cases. Historically, the materials used to make jewelry are restricted to high quality and scarce world elements like silver, gold and diamond. Fast forward to today, it is easy to locate imitation jewelry and one good example is when we discuss elephant necklace. I am poor and I am not a professional jeweler but I don’t consider those cheap replicas to be actual jewelry. The value of these imitations are really so inexpensive that they’re not even worth storing in the top-rated jewelry drawer. I want to share with you several things that I think every jewelry enthusiast ought to be conscious of if you’re passionate about jewelry.

From yellow gold to white gold. From white to yellowish diamond. From silver to platinum. Jewelry makers have used many different materials to make jewelry. The more limited the supply of a stuff means the more expensive will the cost of the jewelry be. One error many jewelry buyers commonly make would be to assume that cost and style should be the only considerations when they are shopping for jewelries. It is because particular substances are more sensitive to particular people and since jewelry investment is normally quite considerable, this is something that you don’t want to take too lightly. For people with sensitive skin, such concern will be significant when they are looking for say the best earrings for sensitive ears. It may not be the right one for those with sensitive ears only because the substance used will cause undesireable effect in the skin, while particular earrings may seem to be more fashionable.

A lot of people tend to spend plenty of cash and time in their own jewelry purchases but often overlooked the significance of proper jewelry storage. The list of options is an endless one and it’s your personal taste which will determine which jewelry storage idea is the perfect option for you. One of the most famous jewelry storage ideas which has stood the test of time has to be those traditional jewelry armoire. Sadly, for those people who really live in compact urban city where space is a luxury, conventional jewelry cabinets might be too bulky. Getting yourself wall mount jewelry armoires could be the more intelligent idea in some situations. But in case you’ve got large number of say necklaces, the best jewelry storage idea will most likely be a necklace holder. Jewelry tree and jewelry box may work equally well for some people also. Based on these few examples alone, you can see it is your unique preference that will determine which is the best alternative for you and there are lots of jewelry storage ideas.

Among the biggest segment of the retail sector has to be fashion jewelry. Online shopping is increasingly popular especially among the millenial generation who does a lot of their jewelry shopping online. While many people remain sceptical about purchasing jewelry online, savvy online shoppers are taking advantages of the convenience and reduced costs that are usually offered by online jewelry retailers. There are many examples where I discovered the cost for exactly the same thing to be lower on-line and one good example is the elephant necklace that I recently bought. The same is true for jewelry armoire and with online shopping, you never have to be worried about the shipping as shipping is usually free.

There are really so lots of things we can talk about when it comes to jewelry. I am able to talk about jewelry all day long but let’s stop here for now. Keep in mind that if any significance is connected to it the next time you take a look at a lovely piece of jewelry such as an Elephant pendant, try and find out. Remember that jewelry is a woman’s best friend which suggests that it is very important that you just do everything to protect your investment. Before making your choice, go through all of the jewelry storage ideas. Someone may be telling you that you ought to get the finest jewelry armoire but remember that what works best for her mightn’t be the best for you. But having said that, when you have a big jewelry collection, it might be worth it to get yourself the best-rated jewelry wardrobe regardless how pricey it can be.

clip on earrings

10 Most Powerful Tweets of 2013


    • First glimpse of the Royal Family
    • US Government is closing (temporarily)


    • US Navy Yard shooting



  • Bill Clinton and Bill Gates taking picture together


    • Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest figure has died



  • See you Tokyo 2020!


    • 2013 Champion of the Champions



  • Spectacular picture from NASA scientists


    • Twitter is going to Wall Street



  • The tech story that I’ll remember most


The year 2014 in 10 tweets






  • Ebola Outbreak in West Africa



  • As it turns out, Hello Kitty is NOT a cat!


  • Prince William and Kate are going to have their 2nd child


Now that’s what I called artwork

I still remember I was only 5 when my father purchased me my first lego collection. From that day onwards, I have been increasingly passionate with Lego. It’s my grand desire to create my very own lifesize Lego structure. Oh how I wish I have enough time and budget! Sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to create one but I still enjoy seeing others’ masterpiece.

I do believe while money can be a little bit of a concern, time could be the biggest problem for me. I still keep my dream alive and I hope one day I’ll have sufficient leisure time to create my very own version of the enormous Lego masterpiece. For the present time, probably the most that I may do is to look at the various Lego lands when I have the chance to. I know you can find few that’s been developed throughout the globe, but I’ve up to now only been in a position to make it to the one in Germany.

Ok ok, I’ll stop complaining and I’ll just share a few of the most amazing Lego projects that I’ve come across.

1. Lifesize Lego art

2. Massive Assault Truck

3. Massive spider

4. Ford mustang

5. Lifesize helicopter